Sticking to the Gipsy Thread   (Jorg Alexander)

An idea by Jorg Alexander: "The Gypsy Thread" is a wonderful effect for both close-up or stand-up conditions. Itís extremely visual and can be performed directly in front of the spectatorsí eyes. One problem that arises, however, is the question posed by some spectators, "Where did the other thread go?" This quickly leads them to an apparent solution for the effect. With the following "convincer" you can eliminate these unhealthy thoughts from the mind of your audience.

Performance: At the beginning of your performance, ask a spectator to inscribe her initials on a small red sticker. Now start the routine in the usual manner by unwinding a piece of thread from the spool, hiding the prepared ball of thread between your fingers. Attach the red sticker to the thread between the hidden thread-ball in your right hand and the end held by your left thumb and fingers. Fold the sticker around the thread and press the overlapping halves against each other:

Point out that this piece of thread is now absolutely "unique," and start to break the thread in the usual manner. When you reach the point where all the pieces are going to be rolled into a ball except for one, make sure that the piece which does not get rolled up is the one with the sticker on it. The sticker provides a somewhat logical reason for not rolling all the pieces into a ball. It differentiates one of the pieces from the beginning, making its choice later on less illogical. Now apparently attach the ball on the remaining piece and switch it for the prepared ball in classic Gypsy Thread fashion.

A moment before the actual restoration, the spectator may confirm her initials on the sticker, "which is attached to the piece we first broke off." Restore the thread and hand it to the spectator as her personal "magic thread." Youíll notice that when talking about the effect, the spectators may say something like, ". . . but this isnít possible, itís the same thread he tore apart," thus discarding the only possible solution for this miracle.


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