Who are these Finger-Fellows, anyway?

The team consists of ten professional magicians, scattered all over Germany (Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Frankfurt). Over the years their paths crossed in the contests of various national magic conventions, before they finally all met in 1994 to perform their first public shows in a small theatre in Munich.

Everybody had a lot of fun and agreed that it would be a great idea
to continue performing together - The Flicking Fingers were born!

The joint project is still going strong and if you should have the chance to catch one of the Flicking Finger's performances you might see (all or some) of the following finger-fellows:

Jorg Alexander

He's the time-traveler, Dj-vu expert and 'purest' magician. You might see him twice in one show. First, because you'll wish to see his astonishing miracles a second time and because he might be caught in one of these endless time-loops that time-travelers like him love so much. On his journeys he likes to visit the old master magicians from the past like Hofzinser or Nate Leipzig and when he is 'back to the future', interprets their masterpieces in his own personal and unique style, so you'd better be there in time!

Manuel Muerte

The old Master of Misdirection and international Magnetic Man of Mystery, is the perfect human implementation of the old saying 'better late than never'. We indeed never know whether he will make it to our shows in time and even if he does, we have to be anxious whether he's in the right mood to perform. He too is the friendly fashion-freak among the finger-folks, wearing exotic ties, smoking cigars, shooting (puppet-) mice and serving cheap sparkling wine during his act which earned him the second price at the FISM'2000 convention in Lisbon.


is the only professionally trained actor in the group. However after surviving three years of drama school he joined the Magicians Anonynums Association and works on a therapy with Cups and Balls ever since. In his refreshingly versatile performances he brings his multiple personalities and characters on the stage much to the delight of his amazed audience.

Helge Thun

Helge - the Highlander - is hailing from the North of Germany and indeed there can be only one like him, he's the M.C of our show! He also has more awards from national championship competitions under his belt than any other finger and is probably the only living magician who can say of himself that he performed the pompom sticks (made in Germany) with Danish patter to an American audience at a magic convention in Las Vegas (to kill the rumors: it wasn't real Danish ...)!

Ben Profane

A shady character on the frontier between legality and gravity. Gambler and Juggler in one person, always top secret and under cover in his cloak - sssht!



Nicolai Friedrich

As his alter ego, 'Mr. Gimmick', Nicolai is always working on something 'top secret'. Sometimes things are so secret that even he himself doesn't know about them. On the other hand, he just sold the US television rights of his best trick (which recently got him a FISM'2000 award in mentalism) to David Copperfield - and all that at the age of 24!

Thomas Fraps

Within a team of ten talented titans of trickery somebody also has to pull the threads in the background. This is the task of Thomas, as a part-time physicist he is always fighting the second law of thermodynamics on his desktop while searching for that final formula of a Unified Finger-Field Theory that is able to assemble the team at one point of the four-dimensional space-time continuum, in order to perform their theater-show.

Not an easy task, regarding the fact that the individual fingers are scattered all over Germany and hard to track due to Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle. In most cases however his activities as a first finger are quite fruitful, thus rendering his usual nuclear threat, a two-hour plus performance of the six card repeat, superfluous. In his spare time he can be found practicing the six card repeat or fighting an innocent puppet at the card table.

Rainer Pfeiffer

We have to turn to the group's geriatric-department now. Rainer is the oldest member of the team and rumor has it that he competed - as a young man - at FISM'85 in Madrid, where he is said to have taken fourth place in the Close-up category. The veteran finger was born during the late twentieth century (he's in his high thirties already!) in a region of Germany called 'Schwaben', whose inhabitants are not only famous for their handmade food (e.g. 'Spaetzle'), but also for their parsimony.

Rainer takes this regional peculiarity to the extreme by not only saving his tricks but even saving himself for his dayjob as an engineer. Despite his advanced age however, Rainer still has a surprisingly fertile mind when it comes to creating and performing magic. So by offering him Fertige Finger stock options, the team convinced him to perform and sell his tricks for all their worth amazing our audiences - guaranteed and for free!

Pit Hartling

From the geriatric department we turn to the most promising member of our junior program. Pit, is the youngest and yet most successful member of the team. At the innocent age of 17, he won second place in Card Magic at FISM'94 in Japan, which brought him not only fame and fortune, but also envy and hatred from his fellow-fingers. Our theory that this was just pure beginner's luck, was soon proven to be wrong and the innovative little green guy went on to create a nerdy stage character named 'Heinz'.

Over the years, this 'titan of cardmagic' (besides being a party-animal, womanizer and quarterpounder) has become one of the highlights of the group's theatre show (and won him first prize at the International Close-up competition in London 1999) and brought Pit even more envy and hatred from the rest of the team. In short we hate him, but we need him ... the little rascal.
(see also the Finger Fun page for Heinz' merchandising products!)

Stephan Kirschbaum

Jokingly called our 'sixth finger' (and thumbtip-expert), Stephan can not always be part of the group's live performances due to his heavy working schedule as a professional performer presenting his hand-made miracles. However he is always eager to help us out in an emergency, or to give us valuable tips on the thumb-tip which even found their way into our book (heaven knows how...;-).

Jorg Willich

Jorg is the frequent-flyer finger due to bein art director of his own internationally operating design company. He is also responsible for the design and layout of The Book, The DVD and other finger-food.

He is always on the run and short on time, so sometimes the group has to organize an under-cover mission to track this fugitive finger down. Once under control, it takes just a bit of friendly peer pressure to get him to release one of his many creative ideas and performances.


Warranty: All information given above is at your own risk. The group always performs in changing casts, since we never know whether Jorg Alexander returns from his time-travels, Thomas still has to practice, or Manuel reaches the theater in time...

However, if there should be a performance of the group at a theatre near you, we guarantee a full-flavored, fat-free and inTeamate conjuring experience - a real Flicking Finger Festival!

(Questions? Send us an e-mail!)


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